the clay will say when i’m done

I thought i was done with bowls for a while.


the clay had other ideas, so here are more – several bowls, and a few cabochons too (which are just inside-out bowls, really)

apparently, the clay will say when i am done, it’s not my call to make.


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things with wings, and a gecko

ok. done with bowls for now, but had to get in some dragonflies, bugs and a random gecko.
the end.


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five fishes, and octopus and a butterfly for no reason

making bowls because they’re fun and i’ve decided to follow fun in my studio as much as i can. it seems more authentic than “making art” don’t you think?

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bowls. because they’re cool

I’ve been on a bowl-making kick lately. no reason. they’re just fun to make.
The smallest are about an inch&ahalf wide, the biggest is five inches, most are around three inches wide.
Polymer, with pastels, some with 23k. gold and crystals.

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explanation: archive of works


So I just wanted to explain – here seemed like a good place to occasionally add images of my work – both recent and older works.  I realized that i didn’t really have any one place that images could accumulate.  I have works for sale on my site, sure ( but not an archive of works built up over time. tsk tsk… i should have been doing this all along. oh well, now is a good time too.
I love looking at art, so i hope these images will be fun for you to look at also!

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continuing archive of works 4

This gallery contains 17 photos.

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continuing archive of works 3

This gallery contains 14 photos.

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