island head

My head is in Hawaii.  Wish my body were too.
But i can’t complain – both were there just a month ago.

Hawaii always inspires me. Everything is lush, colorful, full of life.

I’m finishing content right now for the June edition of The Circle (the paid-membership side of Christi’s Creative Neighborhood, an online creativity-booster) and the theme is “Island Time”, so that’s why my head is on holiday.  Maybe your head will join me in a few days?


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it’s time

This past week I was at a retreat for polymer artists in Shrinemont (Orkney Springs, VA). There are lots of different kinds of retreats out there for creative folks, but they all have one thing in common – getting together with friends to make stuff. The beauty of a retreat is that you have time.
Let me say that again. TIME.

Time to make is hard to come by. The needs of the days eat it up and fritter it away. It’s hard to get anything done. So I really enjoyed 5 days of time. Time to create. Time to relax. Time to snack and chat and giggle.

If you are hoping to push yourself into a more creative place, might I suggest finding some event where there is enough time to really get into the swing of creating.

It’s all about time.

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the clay will say when i’m done

I thought i was done with bowls for a while.


the clay had other ideas, so here are more – several bowls, and a few cabochons too (which are just inside-out bowls, really)

apparently, the clay will say when i am done, it’s not my call to make.


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things with wings, and a gecko

ok. done with bowls for now, but had to get in some dragonflies, bugs and a random gecko.
the end.


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five fishes, and octopus and a butterfly for no reason

making bowls because they’re fun and i’ve decided to follow fun in my studio as much as i can. it seems more authentic than “making art” don’t you think?

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bowls. because they’re cool

I’ve been on a bowl-making kick lately. no reason. they’re just fun to make.
The smallest are about an inch&ahalf wide, the biggest is five inches, most are around three inches wide.
Polymer, with pastels, some with 23k. gold and crystals.

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explanation: archive of works


So I just wanted to explain – here seemed like a good place to occasionally add images of my work – both recent and older works.  I realized that i didn’t really have any one place that images could accumulate.  I have works for sale on my site, sure ( but not an archive of works built up over time. tsk tsk… i should have been doing this all along. oh well, now is a good time too.
I love looking at art, so i hope these images will be fun for you to look at also!

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