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Stay Fresh, or Get Stale

Lately, Ive become aware of how far my artistic output has strayed from where I first started.  I was all gallery work, once upon a time, then this whole other world of writing, teaching and products evolved.  And just recently I … Continue reading

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The Creative Chaos-Control Continuum

I think about the creative process alot because I teach others how to be more creative in their artwork.  So, I figure I should probably try to understand the process.  It’s a slippery thing to pin down, creativity.  Lots of … Continue reading

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Your space

how do you organize your studio? whatever!
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Stone Soup for the Artistic Soul

Making “stone soup” for the artistic soul is easy, if you know where to go for more onions. Continue reading

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Ask Share Respect Grow

Creativity and copying – a quick manifesto. Continue reading

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Grab some

Grab some polymer clay.  Go ahead, just grab some.  Don’t ya just love the feel of it when you roll it or fold it or smoosh it? It is a delightfully smooshable medium, actually.  You can smoosh some colors together into … Continue reading

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Rockin’ with gargoyles

So I was in Paris recently (that’s really fun to say), and one of my favorite parts of the trip was gargoyles spotting… and not just any gargoyles, oh no! but the famous ones that hang out at Notre Dame.    These … Continue reading

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