choose joy

This piece is called “Becoming Self-Aware” because i was thinking about plants and if they have any self-awareness in the way that animals do… and then i thought that it’s really a continuum, isn’t it? from being a living thing to being a living thing that knows it’s alive…
So how does that awareness happen? how does something alive start to become self-aware?
I don’t know… but i think it has something to do with feeling joy. Joy is personal. Joy is enlightening. Something like that maybe.
Anyway, this plant creature, dancing in the light, is experiencing the first stirrings of joyful awareness.
That’s my clay meditation for today.


About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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1 Response to choose joy

  1. It actually does look joyful, there is a lovely movement about it as if it feeling the joy, I think you have captured the spirit of self awareness in this sculpture.
    I am not sure if any plants are self aware in the same sense we are, I believe many years ago there were experiments to see if they felt pain when picked or cut not sure how that turned out…!!!


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