bowls. because they’re cool

I’ve been on a bowl-making kick lately. no reason. they’re just fun to make.
The smallest are about an inch&ahalf wide, the biggest is five inches, most are around three inches wide.
Polymer, with pastels, some with 23k. gold and crystals.


About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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4 Responses to bowls. because they’re cool

  1. W.T.F. (Where’s The Food)….they are soooo cute…all they need is a little chocolate liqueur in each bowl…now I feel like playing and eating chocolate…


  2. Iris Rod says:

    Wow!, these are simply amazing


  3. thank you so much Iris!


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