Mushy Stuff

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means we start thinking about loved ones a bit more than usual.  I’m not going to rave about flowers and chocolate in this blog (although I enjoy both and think that we should all have some of each on a regular basis), I think instead we should chat about lovey-mushy stuff for a moment.

We all know life is better when you have people to love and people that love you.  How about people to like? people who like you? appreciate you? people that make your life richer?  Well, duh… those are all awesome things.  So what about in your artistic life.  Who do you like or appreciate in your artistic life?  Which folks have increased your joy of creativity, or have shared new ways of doing things, or have opened up inspirational windows in your artheart?

So I was just thinking, since there are people out there who have added to your artistic life, why not take this Valentine’s Day week to thank them. Just let them know they’ve made your life a little nicer.  I’m going to.  I thought I’d use facebook, and just drop this little graphic into their timeline with a quick little note of appreciation.  Feel free to copy it and do the same to those you appreciate!  Let’s add a bit of the mushy stuff around the world this week!


(Oh, and by the way, I already know that so many of you appreciate me, and often say so on my pages, for which I am very grateful! This blog is not a sneaky way to get you all to scatter ‘thanx’ boxes on my page, but just a way for us all to share the love!)


About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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