Rockin’ with gargoyles

So I was in Paris recently (that’s really fun to say), and one of my favorite parts of the trip was gargoyles spotting… and not just any gargoyles, oh no! but the famous ones that hang out at Notre Dame.

w-gargoyleHangout   w-gargoyleRowThese stone weirdos are special.  Well, actually, I think the whole idea of gargoyles and grotesques (they’re a thing – google it) is pretty darn special.  I am amused when I think of those artists long ago who carved these imaginative beasties so they could peer down and spit on people for decades and centuries to come. (Yeah, they spit – gargoyles are gutters that direct the rain out of the holes in their mouths onto the heads of the folks down below.  Grotestques don’t get to spit, they just have to hang out with the gargoyles and hear all about how much fun it is.  I suspect they are secretly envious, but also fed up with having to hear about it every time it rains.)

Well, after a day of looking at gargoyles, I was inspired to make a few of my own from polymer and grit.  Yeah, grit. I really wanted my gargoyles to be authentic, so I mixed the clay to just the right color so they’d match the ones from Notre Dame. As an artist, sometimes you have to really push for that little something extra … so I got some rocky grit from the grounds of Notre Dame.  It’s ok, the Hunchback said I could.


Making gargoyles was fun.  I just tried to keep the look very stone-like and give the illusion that they were carved, not molded.  So I relied on tools, chalk powders (for a weathered-by-the-elements look) and that wonderful cathedral grit.

sculpt      mouth   addingGrit

I think they turned out grotesque – and I mean that in the nicest way!

gargoyle-Pierre-deets1     gargoyle-Marcel

gargoyle-group  Oh, and they will be up for grabs on my 9th Annual “Private Stash” ebay sale starting Monday, Sept. 29!


About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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4 Responses to Rockin’ with gargoyles

  1. Melissa Terlizzi says:

    They are fantastic! What a wonderful way to remember Notre Dame–I especially love how you incorporated the grit. 🙂


  2. Daniel says:

    They are amazing, Christi!!! So funny and whimsical… and full.of character!!!


  3. Janell says:

    They’re grotesquely beautiful and I love them!


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