The Little (polymer) Mermaid

Mermaids are fun.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to swim underwater effortlessly (and breathe down there somehow too, I presume).


Classic Little Mermaid illustration by Edmund Dulac, from the classic Hans Christian Anderson version.

Well, since I can’t be one, I can make one.  From polymer of course, since that’s what I do.

And not just me, some other clayers as well!  I’ve taught mermaid classes several times. Recently I taught an articulated mermaid (with moveable body, arms and head) in southern England in the studio of the StitchNCraft bead store.

What made teaching the mermaid project especially fun this time was that the store had just gotten in a new stash of Dragon Scale beads! (a new bead and oh! so luscious).  I was immediately distracted by the yet-unbagged/tagged and hung-for-sale beads and pestered Lynn (owner of the shop) to please make them available for us to buy for class.  Ya know, sometimes you just want what you want.  Thankfully, Lynn was very understanding! (Bead-need is a recognized syndrome).


Dragon scale beads (which of course are also perfect for mermaids). I had to get allll the colors.

So, on to the class.  It was great, mermaids were created.  Shiny scales were added (wired in with thin wire or headpins for a bit of extra wiggle).


Scale beads being added. It’s what every well-undressed mermaid is wearing this season.

So here’s my point (besides that mermaids are cool).  Creating from polymer is wonderful. Creating from polymer with added embellishments of beads is waaaaaay more cooler.  If you use polymer for your art – add beads (and metal and crystals and rocks and fibers and whatever else will go into the oven at clay-baking temperature and not melt/burn/explode)!  It adds a whole new level of interest and artistic expression.

So, my mermaid is still in pieces, awaiting stringing (I’ll do that when I get back to my home studio), but I think I see her smiling at her shiny scale embellishments in satisfaction.


Mermaid bits waiting to be connected.

About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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4 Responses to The Little (polymer) Mermaid

  1. maneki says:

    Neat use of the beads! Like they were made for her.

    Dragon scale beads are on my bead wishlist — partially because they look pretty and useful, partially because of the name. How can one not buy something called dragon scale beads??


  2. myra katz says:

    How could you forget to tell us all how to get the Dragon Scale beads?! We are waiting.


  3. Myra baby! I only JUST found out about them this week – I think they are that new! they are designed by Sabine Lippert (in Germany) and produced by All Beads Czech – I’m not sure yet who has them in the US, but I’ll find out for ya!


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