Where do I go from here?

bliss time        polymer in progress

Working in the studio is my bliss. I love studio time.  Since my art has a business component to it (teaching, writing, product development and sales), I don’t get into my studio as often as I want to. Not complaining, of course!  I get a lot more playing-with-clay time than lots of people do!  So when I do get to create, I sometimes put pressure on myself to hurry up and crank out something awesome… I try to stop myself when I get that way.  Art takes the time that it takes.  Rushing never accomplishes much.  This piece is this far, and no farther.  When will I finish it?  Where will I go from here? Doesn’t matter.  It’s the playing that counts.


About christifriesen

I am an artist because I must be. My mind wanders and my fingers follow. Just feed me a little more chocolate and I'll be fine.
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27 Responses to Where do I go from here?

  1. Yay! my first blog post… I feel so relevant!

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  2. Gayla Childers says:

    Christi, I love this piece so far!!! And I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with it… but I am glad you don’t rush pieces just to get them done! I would rather do a piece right then rush it and hate what I get!

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  3. Melody Kirby says:

    Yay!!!! You’ve made the big time now! 🙂 lol! But seriously, don’t know how you do all you do. Thanks for sharing so much with the rest of us.


  4. waywardclay says:

    WordPress has a reminder feature where you can tell it to remind you to post at the frequency you choose. I use the Android app to get pics uploaded because otherwise I wouldn’t bother. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step – in your case, it might be out of a moving vehicle (be careful)! I look forward to what you get to post when you post it!


  5. Coolio! thanks – I will definitely look into those tools – I’ll need all the help I can get!


  6. Now you have inspired me to get blogging!


  7. Céline says:

    Welcome in blogland!!! Great so see you here!


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  9. Diane Romero Mattern says:

    There you go again…putting us all to shame! lol! Seriously, I’m very excited to keep up with you…almost as good as seeing you all the time, like when we first met!


  10. christi says:

    How many years ago has that been, Diane! no wait, don’t answer that! ;-D but yeah, I felt a blog would be a really good way to put a bit of my brain musings out there to share… until we can see each other again in person, anyway!


  11. Patricia (Trish) Jones says:

    Your doing better then me. I still feel like I’m behind on everything, and having a hard time wrapping my head around anything dealing with the internet. There is so much I don’t know. Maybe one day LOL.


    • Trish, we ALL feel like that – me too! I think the best thing is just to do what you can, enjoy what is easy and adopt a young person to tell you how all this intarweb stuffs works! I know that sure helped me! ;-D Looks like you know how to comment on blogs, which took me forever to figure out! so you’re ahead of many!


  12. Donna Baratta says:

    I am always fascinating by your work process. What is the surface you are working on that enables you to drawn on it? Very cool. Like a sneak preview! You are an amazing whirlwind of energy. I have finally had time, since making my first Pegasus with you in NYC, to put what I learned into practice. I created an awesome lion. Have to share with you soon! Thanks for all you do and for being so willing to share so freely!


  13. christi says:

    Thank you Donna. When you’re ready, post that lion to my facebook page to share with everyone! I remember your lovely pegasus – you did a great job! and I am delighted to share – we’re all in this creative life together!
    In this pic I am working on cardstock paper – it’s my favorite work surface for many reasons, including being able to sketch on it!


    • Linda Williard says:

      I know cardstock is great but if the piece is going to sit for awhile until I can finish it the cardstock would have to be removed or would leach the oil from the clay. I like to work on a white ceramic or marble tile so I can bake it on there as well. And you can use a fine point marker to draw directly on the tile then after you’re done clean the marker off with alcohol or hairspray.

      I do love all the beautiful and fun stuff you make and appreciate how much you share with all of us. You are a wonderful inspiration!


      • great tip Linda! tile is especially nice if the piece is going to sit a while! and yup on the marker – that would indeed work – smart! i don’t like the shiny-ness that tile leaves on the underside, but unglazed tiles are nicer about that (a little leaching, but really minimal). Tiles are very helpful indeed! thanks for reminding us!!
        And thank you for the compliments!


      • Linda Williard says:

        Actually, to keep the shine down I use parchment a lot. I can turn it easily, like the cardstock, or move it to another tile or whatever and it doesn’t make for a shiny back to the piece. And I love that when it comes out of the oven I can slide the tile onto a cooler surface to cool more quickly. I have the joy of working on an old formica table (chrome legs and all) and it is wonderful! I can put the hot stuff right on it, cut on it, etc., and it is sturdy. Paints and dyes clean right up.


  14. Jan Gonder says:

    Love the UCLA Bruin colors in that piece! Hope you have plenty of studio time — much as you accomplish outside, that has to be so satisfying. Are you teaching at home anytime soon? Or — are you looking for a guide to Paris and chocolate? (Hope you have fun on your travels. Thanks for sharing so many pix!)


    • Hi Jan – the closest I’ll be to you for a while is in my home town teaching on Nov.1. After that I’m hoping to get to Pasadena for the Jan. show. So i’ll see you one place or the other!!


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